May 28, 2020 Jon Hoover

Sunday, May 31st Lyrics

Come Thou Almighty King

Verse 1

Come Thou Almighty King

Help us Thy name to sing

Help us to praise

Father all glorious

Over all victorious

Come and reign over us

Ancient of Days

Verse 2

Come Thou Incarnate Word

Gird on Thy mighty sword

Our prayer attend

Come and Thy people bless

And give Thy Word success

Spirit of holiness

On us descend

Verse 4

To Thee great One in Three

Eternal praises be

Hence evermore

Thy sovereign majesty

May we in glory see

And to eternity

Love and adore

Come Thou Fount Of Every Blessing

Verse 1

Come Thou fount of every blessing

Tune my heart to sing Thy grace

Streams of mercy never ceasing

Call for songs of loudest praise

Teach me some melodious sonnet

Sung by flaming tongues above

Praise the mount I'm fixed upon it

Mount of Thy redeeming love

Verse 2

Here I raise mine Ebenezer

Hither by Thy help I'm come

And I hope by Thy good pleasure

Safely to arrive at home

Jesus sought me when a stranger

Wandering from the fold of God

He to rescue me from danger

Interposed His precious blood

Verse 3

O to grace how great a debtor

Daily I'm constrained to be

Let Thy grace Lord like a fetter

Bind my wandering heart to Thee

Prone to wander Lord I feel it

Prone to leave the God I love

Here's my heart Lord take and seal it

Seal it for Thy courts above

Blessed Assurance

Verse 1

Blessed assurance Jesus is mine

O what a foretaste of glory divine

Heir of salvation purchase of God

Born of His Spirit washed in His blood


This is my story this is my song

Praising my Savior all the day long

This is my story this is my song

Praising my Savior all the day long

Verse 2

Perfect submission perfect delight

Visions of rapture now burst on my sight

Angels descending bring from above

Echoes of mercy whispers of love

Verse 3

Perfect submission all is at rest

I in my Savior am happy and blest

Watching and waiting looking above

Filled with His goodness lost in His love

Holy Spirit

Verse 1

Holy Spirit living Breath of God

Breathe new life into my willing soul

Let the presence of the risen Lord

Come renew my heart and make me whole

Cause Your word to come alive in me

Give me faith for what I cannot see

Give me passion for Your purity

Holy Spirit breathe new life in me

Verse 2

Holy Spirit come abide within

May Your joy be seen in all I do

Love enough to cover every sin

In each thought and deed and attitude

Kindness to the greatest and the least

Gentleness that sows the path of peace

Turn my strivings into works of grace

Breath of God show Christ in all I do

Verse 3

Holy Spirit from creation's birth

Giving life to all that God has made

Show Your power once again on earth

Cause Your church to hunger for Your ways

Let the fragrance of our prayers arise

Lead us on the road of sacrifice

That in unity the face of Christ

May be clear for all the world to see

Brethren We Have Met To Worship

Verse 1

Brethren we have met to worship

And adore the Lord our God

Will you pray with all your power

While we try to preach the Word

All is vain unless the Spirit

Of the Holy One comes down

Brethren pray and holy manna

Will be showered all around

Verse 2

Brethren see poor sinners round you

Slumbering on the brink of woe

Death is coming hell is moving

Can you bear to let them go

See our fathers and our mothers

And our children sinking down

Brethren pray and holy manna

Will be showered all around

Verse 4

Let us love our God supremely

Let us love each other too

Let us love and pray for sinners

Till our God makes all things new

Then He'll call us home to heaven

At His table we'll sit down

Christ will gird Himself and serve us

With sweet manna all around

I Surrender All

Verse 1

All to Jesus I surrender

All to Him I freely give

I will ever love and trust Him

In His presence daily live


I surrender all

I surrender all

All to Thee my blessed Savior

I surrender all

Verse 4

All to Jesus I surrender

Lord I give myself to Thee

Fill me with Thy love and power

Let Thy blessing fall on me